I lost my product key but i have the disk and i have looked every where

i have lost my product key but i have the disk and i have looked every where and i could not find it please help me
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  1. Sorry, We can't help you. Read the first thread

    Thats All I Can Say.

  2. Have you installed the game on any other computer? Does the game have Steamworks support? Is the game a physical boxed copy and do you have the UPC?

    You could try returning the game to the store if you have your receipt and getting another one.

    For some games Steam will give you the CD key on the game page in your profile. This worked for me on Far Cry 2.

    Contact customer support from the game company and see what they can do for you.
  3. Is it already installed on a system or on an old HDD ?? -- If so there are normally ways to get the product key off of the installation. (ie. Magical Jellybean Key finder )or in the windows registry -- If not then you probably can not get the product key if you do not have the label that came with it.

    In either case Call the company's support and provide them with all the information ( where it was purchased and when, etc.) and they may be able to give you a new product key (depends on the CS rep you get and whether they believe or can verify the info you provide) -- worse case they will tell you that you need to purchase a new copy of the game.
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