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Hi, i was just wondering what is better to do.

Would a game look/perform better with a high resolution such as 1366x768 [15.6 inch Laptop hooked to maybe 18 inch monitor] and have lower graphics settings


have a low resolution like 800x600 or maybe a bit better and higher graphics settings?

Not sure if this makes sense or not.

P.S. I'm running on the intel HD graphics 3000 that comes with the i3 2310 D: (it actually performs fairly well for gta iv, tf2, empire total war, need for speed undercover and stuff) Do you think I could run Kane and Lynch 2 reasonably well also? Steam is having a sale!

Thanks! :D
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  1. With lowered settings and high resolution, there won't be muc jaggies here and there, so it will perform well, but not as good as running the game in high detail and low resolution.
    I've got an 8400GS,
    Batman AA runs well at 640 X 480, at high specs ( apart from a few, that are off ).
    But, the game doesn't run well for me at 1600X900 ( my native resolution ) and with lowered detail.
    Either way, it's best to keep a balance with the settings and resolution, for example, by playing the game on med and at 1024X768 etc. :)
  2. you wont be able to enjoy that eye candy of higher settings if your resolution is all the way down. you wouldnt be able to even tell a difference at 800x600 as far as detail; it would just be blurry.
  3. True.
    The far off things, would look like pixels.
    Just maintain a balance between the settings and you'll be okay.

    Kan and Lynch ?
    I think it will run, but you'll definitely need to turn down the graphics and resolution for smooth gameplay. :)
  4. Games always look better with high resolutions, and low-med graphic settings can be overall good looking.
    Higher res makes things more detailed.
    I am playing dirt2 and am more satisfied with 1440*900 med graphics as compared to 1024*728 ultra settings.
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