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I cant seem to find the calculator on windows seven, it was there just a day or two ago, now all of the sudden it's gone, can somone help me? i need a quick reply because i need it for homework
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  1. start, all programs, accessories, calculator
  2. I knew that already, it's not there. i've tried the search and i cant find it, i can't seem to launch it from the help window either
  3. Go to the search bar and type calc. If it doesn't appear, you managed to uninstall it somehow. Did you recently add or remove Windows components by any chance?
  4. Go to Start, search for "Run" and open Run, type calc.exe in the textbox and click OK. See if that works...

    - Jake

    Windows Outreach Team
  5. Have a look at this free calculator as an alternative. Has a lot of nifty extras
  6. anonymous1 said:

    thank you so much, this worked perfectly.
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