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I decided to load up the old Quake 2 disc and play the lithium mod last night. I don't knwo if it is that I am used to the newer graphics now and not the old what is it 16 bits qauke 2 is, but i got a little nausiated and got the sweats after about 20 minutes. Never had this before and it has been years since i played these old games. Anyone know of some settings in the game to tweak maybe mouse speed etc that might make it a little more bearable?
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  1. Try playing in windowed mode.
  2. lol, my father in law got nausea and sweats when playing doom 3, it was hillarious. Its some sort of motion sickness, a sea sickness pill might help.....
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    you can try enabling vsync.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies guys, I will try all your suggestions and update you on the status.
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