Windows 7 32 or 64bit for a gaming pc?

Im wondering how viable putting a 64bit OS on a gaming pc really? I know you use more than 4gb of ram but is there anyother benefits besides that?

My concern is compatibility issues with games. Ive tried 64bit in the past (pre win 7) and always had a issues, especially with older games.
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  1. I had XP 64 and hated it because it was hard to find drivers sometimes and games actually ran slower than on 32 bit XP, and some would not even install because they didn't recognise my O/S. XP 64 wasn't even detected properly as HDCP compatable and I couldn't play blu-rays. I have had no such issues with windows 7 64 bit. Go for 64 bit, Windows 7 is made for it, unlike XP.
  2. Just be aware that some older games will not run in Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit). If there is a specific old game you want to play then Goggle it to find out if there are compatibility issues.
  3. Just as stated above, if you're looking to play older games, they won't really work on 64bit OS, but if you want to try the newer ones, or the future ones, a gaming 64bit machine will be your answer.
  4. Some older games may not work on new OS's like Win7.
    Games would work good on 64-bits as well. Although some games may have some troubles.
    If upgrading the RAM, to more than 4GB or so, 64-bit is recommended.
  5. 64-bit is fine for newer games these days. Also, games are only going to need more system resources as time goes in so a 64-bit system will let you add more RAM. It's not a major consideration, but it's an easy way to avoid a potential future bottleneck.
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