Nfs undercover framerate drop

i dont know why but older games have problems on my rig but with newer games i can just put it on high without any hitching /freezing.

i bought nfs undercover everything is on high but every time at random my framerate just drops to 10 to 5 frames per second can someone help me? BTW thanks for the help with mafia 2 i patched it and now i can play problem free.


cpu: amd athlon x250

gpu: ati readon hd 5770

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  1. I just got it off of Steam; I'll check it when I have time.

    The only older game I have that problem with if FEAR. It runs at 200+ fps, and then all of a sudden it drops to less than 10. Haven't solved it yet.
  2. Sorry - I can't get it to run decently at all. The display is terrible at any res, and it won't recognize my gamepad.

    I did notice it was quite choppy when I enabled Vsync.
  3. Have you got any background proccesses running while playing the game. More usage for the CPU might cause the problem.
    Try disabling the anti-virus while playing the game. :)
    Also disable any unwanted programs.
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