Worried dead island is damaging my computer!

so i just downloaded dead island from steam but when i start the game up my computer starts to make a weird noise that i haven't heard before, it sounds like a high pitched whiring sounds but it changes depending on what menu i go on and it stop the second i alt+tab to desktop. Im confident that my pc can handel the game i can post specs if it help, if anyone can help i would be very greatful as im too scared to play the game incase it breaks my computer!

iv played games such as deus Ex: HR and shogun 2 on max without a problem so im pretty sure its not my syestem.

thanks for any help
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  1. Is it your PC that makes the sound or is it the audio device ?
  2. they released the wrong version on steam preload. if you downloaded the game b4 release then redownload it. as the new version is more stable.
  3. whats the psu?
  4. the whirr could be your GPU or CPU fan; although the game is patched, it is poorly ported and runs temps extremely high which should make your GPU or CPU fans ramp up to audible levels.
  5. Thanks for the help guys, sorry about the late reply, busy times, but all i had to do was enable vsync and it seems to have sorted it although it still make the sound sometimes.
  6. The game seems to use every bit of resource whether it needs it or not. Enabling vsync makes the game run at a set framerate and doesn't allow it to use as many resources to run therefore having lower temps and your fans not ramping up as much
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