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I have recently run into this interesting problem of my mouse stuttering when I am Frapsing or Playclawing WoW. I have tried everything and cannot get rid of this problem. I have reinstalled all my drivers from USB and chipset to sound and graphics cards but I cannot shake this problem. I have actually totally reinstalled Windows and WoW. I have installed them to separate SSDs and the video is being saved to a RAID0 configuration. I have never had this problem before and have always been able to record to any drive I please, but no matter which drive I select there is this stuttering problem with my mouse. My mouse totally stops responding for a seconds or two every 10 or so seconds. Any suggestions or has anyone ever experienced a problem like this?
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  1. Do you mean that this problem occurs when the FRAPS is recording the gameplay ?
    You could try putting the game in windowed mode and then back to full screen by alt-enter. Maybe that can help. :)
  2. Yes, the problem occurs when I am actively recording gameplay with Fraps or Playclaw. I always play in windowed mode and have played around with all the settings but I will try what you have said and let you know.

  3. Unfortunately alt+enter didn't do anything and switching between windowed, windowed (full), and fullscreen had no effect either. :/
  4. Did you try re-installing FRAPS ?
    Otherwise, try turning down the graphics settings of that game.
  5. I have reinstalled fraps each time I reinstall windows. I have tried older versions of fraps as well. Also I generally record with playclaw as opposed to fraps, however neither of the run without freezing up my mouse :( I have turned graphics down and it doesnt have an effect. On the other hand I have always run on ultra so I shouldn't have to change now but like I said I have tried everything. I am out of ideas. I have recently ordered a GTX 580 classified. A new mouse and an NPU because I have read that all of my old hardware has caused these problems in the past, though it shouldn't be all of these I have GOT to get this fixed by Tuesday. Albeit I have had the older hardware forever it shouldn't just start doing this :/ I am open to anything. I am willing to rebuild my entire PC to fix this at this point.
  6. That is a wierd problem.
    Ask your problem at

    People there can help you out. :)
    Report back if problem is solved.
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