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I have Windows XP and now when I try the Search option (whether that'd be right-clicking on start and then "Search..." or the "Search" icon in the Start menu or right clicking on a drive letter and clicking on "Search...", explorer hangs for a few seconds but no search box pops up!!! Where'd my Search go?

Please help!


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  1. Well, I just tried a search and everything worked fine.


    Well, have you had any viruses lately that could have corrupted your OS? Have you been deleting files that you should not have. What about a registry cleaner program? Been one of them. If all else fails then wipe everything clean and reinstall.
  2. I can't help much, but I have a similar problem.

    My HTPC is running XP SP2, and it loses the Search fuction also. Well, sort of.

    When the problem happens, I can't get Search by clicking Start/Search. If I try, I get a message that says "Windows can't place a shorcut here. Would you like to place it on the Desktop instead?"

    Same thing happens if I click Start/Run.

    Also, the hotkey Windows-F does not bring up the Search window, as it normally will do. Nothing happens at all.

    But, Windows-R does bring up the Run window.

    I can get the Search window by right-clicking on My Computer, and selecting Search.

    Rebooting clears all that up, though.


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