Anyone got experience pc gaming on a hdtv?

I want to hook up my rig to my hdtv for super massive visuals. My friend does it with a cable but id like to do it wirelessly.

After some quick research I found this

anyone have any experience with this? Will the fact that it's wireless cause extra lag input?
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  1. Use a cable. The lag on the wireless can approach a full second. Plus the wireless is subject to interferance.
  2. Yes, use a cable. DVI is preferable from PC, as HDMI can cause unwanted issues. Also, ensure you have a strong enough graphics card to allow for V-Sync should you start experiencing screen tearing.
  3. I tried a HDTV for gaming. Kinda negates gaming on one because you have to sit so far away to see the picture right. Stick with a pc monitor. That's what they're made for.
  4. Agreed
    I'd rather play on a monitor instead of a HDTV. Best you do that.
    And don't go wireless. The response time can be too much. Best you get a wireless in a HTPC rather than for gaming.
    Use cable as all others suggested. :)
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