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My ps3 powercord and my laptop powercord

so i was moving my desk around since i got a new ps3 (slim) and i noticed the ps3 was cramped in the corner and didn't have alot of air way. so i unplugged my laptop charger and the ps3 and they both fell behind my desk where i would later plug them back in. so i pick them both up and they both look the same except one had a white tag on it and looked a little older so i plugged it into my laptop and it worked., does it matter if i get them mixed up or does it need to be a certain one?

Im afraid to turn on my ps3 in fear that it might over run it with power and crash it.
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  1. it should have the output voltage and amps written on the charger--i wouldnt swap them unless the output is the same
  2. here are the 2 cords and what they say on the side.

    300V vw-1 I-sheng csa ll81924 type bispt-2 105c 2x0.824mm(2)

    300v csa ll42379 type spt-2 2x0.824mm(2) .... i plugged this one into the laptop and it seems to work fine but i still havent started my ps3 up.
  3. If the PS3 has a built in power supply than it should be safe to use either cord.
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    Figure 8 power cords are pretty generic and shouldn't cause any issues swapping them about, just check the fuse has the correct AMPS.
  5. Thanks, im not sure what a AMPS is[are], but i "think" i plugged them into the right ones and they aren't swapped and the ps3 works fine so thank you all for helping me.


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