Game with best storyline

Out of these six games poll them where you see fitting.

1. Final Fantasy X
2. Half Life 2
3. Bioshock
4. Mass Effect
5. Dragon Age Origins
6. Zelda Twilight Princess
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  1. Guess we know which is the clear winner! :D
  2. I haven't played all the above titles but I did play Half Life 2 and enjoyed it very much. However, that was a long time ago and there are better stories around these days...
  3. Apart from Zelda and FF, I've played the rest, so from what I know, HL wins hands down.
  4. ME gets my vote. Compelling and chilling.
  5. diellur said:
    ME gets my vote. Compelling and chilling.

    I liked how humans got involved with other races. It had alot of backstory too if you read through the codex or journal. How humans first discovered the technology that got them up to speed they had a war with the one guys lol. Very indepth though. And the whole reaper thing they looked like animals one was an alienlike squid its like they gather millions of dna of living things and make a super self (if you've played the 2nd one) So i'm guessing the squid one was very ancient maybe 1 of the first. Its the leader :) We will see in the 3rd installment about the reapers hopefully.
    I'd say Mass effect for my vote.
  6. Bioshock's story was about the art of controlling people and how complete freedom can turn into chaos. The freedom from artistic and scientific control is perfectly captured by the city of Rapture and it's unique inhabitants. Giving the player the choice of saving the little sisters or harvesting them and then turning that into a major plot point was very well executed. It is a very mature story for a videogame and I felt some strong emotions on the journey through the game.
  7. You forgot to add Crysis 2...
  8. what about the witcher series?
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