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How does one go about getting invited to Diablo 3 beta? I see the warnings when I load up SC2 about phising going around. Was curious how you actually get invited to the real beta tho.
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  1. You can sign up for all the blizzard betas online at battle.net, if you click on account at the top there should be a link on the right called beta settings or something along those lines.
  2. Indeed, the only way to access the BETA is to legitimately sign up.
  3. Beta opt-in FAQ

    What is the Battle.net beta opt-in?

    The Battle.net beta opt-in adds a Battle.net account to a pool of potential beta testers for upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games. To be considered for upcoming betas, you must create a beta profile (see below) and indicate the preferences for which betas you wish to participate in. Once you have successfully uploaded a beta profile, the associated Battle.net account is added to a pool of potential beta testers for upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games. You can begin the opt-in process by clicking "Beta Profile Settings" in Battle.net Account Management.

    What is a beta profile?

    A beta profile is a snapshot of your current system specifications. It includes such information as how much RAM you have, available hard drive space, your graphics card and driver, monitor setup, and other information about your system and internet connection. We gather this information to ensure that we are able to test our games on a wide range and distribution of systems.

    How do I get selected to become a beta tester?

    Participants for each beta test will be selected from the pool of eligible testers who have opted in based on their system specifications, beta-test preferences, and other factors, including pure luck. Opting in does not guarantee you will be selected to participate in a beta test.

    How will I be notified if I am selected for a beta test?

    In the event you are selected to participate in a beta test, you will receive an e-mail informing you and directing you to Battle.net Account Management, where you will be able to download the beta client and obtain a beta key.

    Why do I have to download an application to create a beta profile?

    Our beta opt-in application allows us to gather information about potential beta testers' systems quickly and accurately, helping us ensure that the resulting pool of beta testers we select most closely represents the range and distribution of systems we wish to test.

    How does the beta opt-in application work?

    Running the beta opt-in application quickly and automatically generates a profile based on your system specifications. It then displays this information and asks if you wish to submit the specifications to create a beta profile for the Battle.net account you used to download the application.

    What if I am having problems getting the Opt-In application to run on my computer?

    If you find you are having issues with or downloading the application please check with our troubleshooting guide here.

    Does the application also profile the software I have installed on my system?

    No, the opt-in application simply scans the major hardware components of your system, along with your graphics card driver. Other system information, such as the contents of your hard drive, is not scanned.

    I created a new Battle.net account, but I'm unable to opt in. Why?

    In order for a Battle.net account to be able to opt in to upcoming beta tests, you must have at least one Blizzard Entertainment game attached to the account. Please note that the World of Warcraft Starter Edition does not count toward this requirement.

    When I first signed up for a Battle.net account, I checked a box to indicate I wanted to participate in Blizzard betas, but I didn't upload a system profile. Do I need to complete this new process?

    Yes. In order to be considered for the any upcoming Blizzard Entertainment betas, you'll need to upload your beta profile through the application found in Battle.net Account Management.

    Will entering multiple times improve my chances of being selected?

    Each Battle.net account can only opt in once, so you are unable to opt in multiple times to improve your chances.
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