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Prototype doesnt have the option to run at my laptop resolution, 1366x768 it ruins the games, i makes the game look like it is on a small box does anyone have a fix,
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  1. doesnt work
  2. tell me what kind of laptop you have, maybe you graphics chipset cannot handle the game @ 768 at a good frame rate thats why it chops the resolution to 480p or less. Let me know so i can figure it out...brand and model.
    Thank you.
  3. i have a ati 6770m , i am sure its powerfull enough, it plays brotherhood and splinter cell at max,
  4. I don't think a HD 6770M is as good as a HD 5670. It's more or less equal to it or lags behind it a little.
    Are your drivers up to date?
    Which OS are you running?
  5. Well HD 6770M is more than enough for atleast Prototype. This seems like driver issue install new drivers and then it will run properly.
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