Total War games (Empire and Napoleon) restart system

A week ago, I had purchased Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War from Steam (Thank you summer sales). I downloaded and installed them on my pc. When I went to play Empire, I started the game up and encountered the first load screen. At this point my system shuts down and restarts. No information on the event log to explain why. This happens with both Empire and Napoleon. I have updated ALL of my drivers (Monitor included) to no prevail. So, I'm here asking for the help of someone.

tl;dr: My computer restarts when playing Napoleon and Empire Total War for no apparent reason.

Intel i7 4.1 ghz
Nvidia GTX 560 2gb internal memory
8 gb RAM
500 gb Hard drive (332gb free atm)
700 Watt PSU
Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3
NZXT Phantom Full Tower

Also,If this is not in the correct section please forgive me.
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  1. That's strange.
    Does any other game show this type of behavior ?

    Also,If this is not in the correct section please forgive me.

    It's the right section. :)
  2. Nope, just those two
    I have tried updating the C++ Redistribute as well but, no success
    Also, I can fix it for a few minutes if I open another game form steam but, then it just restarts again.
  3. Did you update the games ?
  4. Yep, I got them from Steam so, they update automatically.
  5. Use ccleaner to clean your registry if there are any corrupt files.
    Also, did you check the event logs in control panel ?
    That may give a better explanation on the sudden shutdown.
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