Power coole ati hd 4650 1 g

am happy to be here my q is :i have a pc my specs is
intel p4 3ooo\2m
asrock g41 mb
2g ddr2 ram
gpu gf 9400 gt
i want to ask if i can put ati hd 4650 for better gameing is it worth it?
sorry it all i have and thanks in advance
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  1. hi werner123 glaad you replayed .well abut 40$ the ati hd 4650 is cheap here i use xp sp3 mainly i wanna play emuluters:wii+game cube+ps2 and pc games.i have this :
    palet gf 9400 gt sens 7 monthes now i know its crapy but that what happend generaly i play tombraider under worled and resident evil 5 i set them on high setibg exept for anti allaiseng off of curse again thes is my specs:
    winxp sp3
    cpu intel pentum4 300\2m
    gpu palet gf 9400 gt 1g 128 bit
    2 giga ddr2 ram
    mb asrock g41
    19inch screen lg
    1-is it worth geting the hd 4650 for this pc :better game qualety?
    2-plz advaise if it will be competeble withe my hard weare
    3-i e hd 4650 ddr3 box 128bit and another one 256bit is it tru?witch one is betrer?all 1giga worth 40$-45$here
    4- will i regret this?i trust you will advaise me
    thanks for your timeand sory for my bad lingo
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