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Have a question about wireless networking for the Xbox console. Right now the console is wired and I'm looking to setup an inexpensive wireless setup. I know there are a couple of wireless adapters made for the Xbox but my question is will any type of usb wireless adapter work. I know I'm reaching here but was looking at something like a "Rosewill wireless usb adapter". I know it's far fetch but $14-$24 is better that $50. Thanks for the help.
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    dont think you can use just any usb adaptor as i tried a few for a friend when his xbox one broke--none of them would work
  2. From everything i know only the "official" USB adapter will work. I have seen YouTube videos that say things like "make your own cheap Xbox 360 wireless adapter". But i have not tried it so i could not confirm if it works.

    A good wireless gaming adapter will work for sure. They have all different brand but i am partial to this one myself:

    I have had one for many years and it still works great. I used it on my original Xbox back in the day, and on my Xbox 360 until i decided to hard wire it.
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