Hi guys,

i've just rigged up my very 1st pc.
TB 1.4
MSI K7T266pro
512ddr ram pc2100
asus v7700 GTS 32ddr
creative SB live 5.1
altec lansing AC54

Any comments?

And i've put in 2 fans in the tower and i dunno which direction they should be blowing towards. One is at the front, the other at the back.
My CPU temp read 51deg...is that normal?

Btw, my system kept on hanging when start up. it would hang just after the monitoring software for the motherboard and the graphics card load up.

I'm using Win 98, quite old version.
thanx all.

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  1. well 50c is ok for avg heat sink. most fans on their sides tell u which direction air flows. but u can also check it by feeling the air ;)
  2. I think he meant should the fans blow into the case or out, if so, generally the bottom front fan blows in, the top rear one blows out.

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