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Screen Crash Problem When Playing Hardcore Games

I want Solution, for my Graphics Card's...(Its Overheating while im Playing Some Hardcore Games & Crashing My Games,Screen Crash)
My PC Configuration IS...
Processor=intel_i7 930
Motherboard=Msi X58A_GD65
GraphicsCard=Msi N.Geforce460GTX_Cyclone768mb
Hardisc-1tb_Windows & Ultimate_x64 operating.
My mail id is<>...Thank YOU
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  1. Make sure to blow the dust out of the heat sink and make sure all vents are clear. If this doesn't help, you need to install more case fans or get a new case.
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    If your card is overclocked, try bringing it down from 50 to100mhz, this will take a lot of heat stress from your GPS. (Use nvidia supplied software) otherwise you may have a failing GPU from nvidia, seek warranty.
    I had a card OC to 850mhs that was overheating and contately crashing, brough it down to 750mhz, its been running like a charm for over a year. The little gaming FPS that you gain with overclocking are not worth the headache.
    Good Luck
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