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I have a WAN in a 4 story, house but the wifi signal only reaches one
half (the rear end) of the house. The current setup is: telephone
plug with ADSL signal on the 3rd floor rear -> cable modem -> SMC
wireless router. Since the signal seems unreliable the two uppper (3rd
and 4th floor) PCs are hardwired to the router via ethernet. a laptop
on the 1st and 2nd floor connects via wifi. The problem is the range
is limited and the performance shakey.

can I modify the setup to insert a cheap wired-only router between the
modem and the wifi router? If so I would get better wifi signal
acrosss floors 2 and 1.

so I would wind up with: telephone plug -> wired-only router (to which
the 2 box PCs would connect via ethernet) -> long extension ethernet
from 3rd floor to second floor where a wifi router would serve floors
2 and 1?

otherwise how can I do this? give wired service to the upper floor PCs
and have a wireless access point lower down.

many thanks

Peter Stock
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    You can do this, just have the wired router handle the DHCP and turn
    off the DHCP server in the wireless router. The wireless router
    essentially becomes a switch with an AP. Plug the wired router into a
    lan port on the wireless router. There are other ways to do it but if
    you want the same subnet, this will work
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