Why do people play certain types of games, like MMORPGs?

To start I want to say that I'm just seeking worthwhile answers and I don't want to start a flame war. Not all games are created equal, I'm aware of that. Generally I believe games should be fun to play. I want to focus mainly on MMORPGs and I hope to get some satisfying answers from players visiting this forum.

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing MMORPG is wasting a lot of time. If you don't want to suck at that type of game, you have to, inevitably, put in a lot of time and often money. Maybe that's the whole purpose of games like that, but I just don't get it. Does it make people happy, taking care of their virtual character, leveling up, completing quests? Granted, I may not be the right type of players for MMORPGs. Still, I wonder who is that? What's there to like about these vast magical worlds? I hope someone sheds some light on this matter. I've seen MMORPGs ruin lives, like people who started playing it getting worse school results, adults divorcing their spouses and similar things. As if they lost their way.

You may wonder what types of games are my favorite. I like playing single player games with a good story, mostly FPS games or strategies that is. I also enjoy good gameplay and (intense, realistic) graphics. For multiplayer I prefer FPS games. The reason for that is all it takes is skill, not spending time or money.

If someone feels a little offended, I'm really sorry. I couldn't help myself and ask. Sorry for my ignorance as well.
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  1. Any computer game is wasting time. How much time is up to the player.

    I don't understand why anyone "has to" put in a lot of time, or money... It's a game, it's fun, play when you can and want to...

    It's the people with addictive personalities that will shut out the world to play their game that give MMORPG's a bad reputation, and that's the individual's fault not the game :)
  2. I typed a WHOLE page of reasoning and it got deleted because my wireless booted me off and didn't post...WOW. If you have ventrilo... V10.DarkstarLLC.com 11480 is my info. We can chat...
  3. Sadly I don't even know what Ventrilo is.

    By the way, to prevent such situations from happening, you can:

    1) Copy your post to the clipboard before posting it in case there's a connection problem.

    2) Install a keylogger or a browser add-on with such a functionality.

    I guess you don't feel like typing it again, do you? :(
  4. Different people are looking for different things in a game. Not everyone is a fast twitch kind of player that's going to enjoy a first person shooter. Some people just want to wonder around and explore a virtual world, some play MMORPG's for the social aspect of it, its slow paced and you can talk with people and it's not constantly a competetive PVP environment. I like to play LOTRO some because it has some interesting story elements and I like the environment of the game, but I also like to play Crysis 2 and starcraft 2 somewhat competetively online. It is a totally different experience, with crysis 2 or starcraft I can get my competetive juices flowing and really dial in on outsmarting another human opponent, I like that sometimes, but with an MMORPG I can relax, tell jokes with people, wander around looking at impressive graphics, and best of all get up out of my chair and answer the phone, get a beer out of the fridge or get high and I don't have to worry about blowing the whole game for myself or my teamates.
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