how much power do i need?

i've been looking into making my own computer and im stuck on what kinda of psu to buy....
here's my setup
msi 6380LE KT266 DDR m/b
1.2 athlon t-bird 266fsb
lian li pc-60 case
256 mb pc2100 DDR ram
52x cd-rom
msi 64mb geforce 2 pro
possibly a burner
so my question is, is 300 watts enough or should i go higher?
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  1. if you go higher it'll help ensure that you won't have to upgrade it with your computer, but more power=more heat, and more heat=more fans, and more fans=more noise...
  2. Go to and drill-down into the Athlon Processor link and look at the recommendations. AMD provides a rather larger list of recommended & tested P/S, M/B....etc. You will be able to make a more intelligent choice of your own.

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  3. 300 watts should be plenty for the system you describe, but if you want to go any higher with your processor, any more drives, or a newer video card you would want to look into a power supply upgrade.
    But power supply's are easy to put in and out, so it's not a big hassle if you have to do it later.

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  4. I suggest a minimum of 350 watts. More impprtantly you need to have at least 180 watts acropss the +3.3 and +5 volt lines collectively. Inadequate power is the most overlooked part when it comes to instability, Get more than enough and eliminate it entirely.

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  5. Get something around 400 watts. Everyboady keeps upgrading their power supplies every 6 months, by the end of the year 400 will proabably be what you need to run AMD's fastest processor anyway!

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