Where to go for computer part compatibility?

I want to put together a computer myself. But I don't know the first thing about how to put together a system or what components work well with each other. Is there any place on the internet that tells me what components work well with each other? Or can you guys give me some advice on my projected system: (which I'll be using for making music)

Amd 1.2 processor, Abit KG7-Raid (or ECS K7S5A) MB, 512 DDR ram (crucial or whatever I find is good), 2 20 or 30 gig IBM hard drives, DVD and CDRW, with a Creamware Luna 2 soundcard, and I think that's it.

Thanks for any help. :)
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  1. Go to the How To section on Tom's you'll find a very good refrence on building a computer. The only thing I have to add would be to make sure that you get a large enough power supply, besides that read you motherboard manual and good luck.

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  2. Since you have decide on AMD, start at their web site (www.amd.com) view the recommended P/S, M/Bs, Coolers...etc. Then research on you choice of the recommended hardware. Finding the right chipset is half the battle. (personally I perfer the ASUS A7M266 M/B w/AMD 761 chipset). Use the advise you get here in this forum along with the information in Tom's reviews to decide on which AGP Graphic Card suits your purpose. Then research the individual product's web site to learn about the features and capabilities of the card, then make an intelligent purchase. I assume that you will be going the non-SCSI HDD route. ATA & Ultra UDMA HDD's are some of your best choices, do the same in deciding on which is right for you.

    Then the bottom line is to decide what is the choice of Operating Systems to use. If you intend on W2k/NT I recommend that you first view (www.microsoft.com) the hardware compatibility list for these OS's. Always remember to take your time and research before you commit to purchase.

    Good Luck!

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