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  1. I picked up my preorder today and I have to agree with that review.

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  2. If you liked the WC3 you'll love the expansion. It makes the game that much better in my opinion. This is the best expansion pack I've ever played on any RTS game. I dont think it will win too many people that hated the game originally. From what I've noticed most people that didn't like the game hated the RPG element incorporated into a RTS game. The expansion enhances this with new Hero's (I'm sure there are more RPG type missions as well but I haven't got too far just yet). Sucks that I had to pay 34.99 for it but from what I see it appears that there is a ton of gameplay and is not the typical crap expansion that adds a few new units and a bunch of crap missions and maps.

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  4. I agree, just bought it yesterday for $30 thanks to a coupon from PC Gamer. Played some of the campagin, and it's definitly Blizzard Quality, maybe better than the orig. I also appreciate the dozens of tweaks that damper tower rushing, make buildings cheaper, and ease the infamous Upkeep cost. All fans of WCIII must get it!

    Note that there are already some bug reports, I had initial problems installing the game (numerous corrupt file reports) but I have seen no in-game crashes.

    Also there's the price, $34.99. Considering the orig. WCIII was $59.99, this wasn't a huge surpise. I don't know if the game warrants the cost yet but I always expect expansions to be $29.99 or cheaper.

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