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I have a DFI Lanparty Pro875b Mobo and decided to upgrade to Windows 7. Since I was running XP previously the install required me to copy all my files in a utility that windows offered (I backed them up in addition to that), and the install disk did a fresh install of windows.

All seemed to go ok until I tried to update my video driver after the windows 7 installation completed. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4600 video card and when I downloaded the appropriate windows 7 drivers from AMD, and installed them, Windows 7 still could not detect the video card drivers.

After playing around on AMD's website, trying different things, I finally realized that none of the chipset drivers for this motherboard were in place (RAID, Sound, AGP, ect.) So, I happily grabbed my chipset disk that came with the Mobo and went to install.... ofcourse it didnt work. So off to DFI I went to find the updated drivers for Win 7... however, there are no updated chipset drivers for my Mobo for Win 7. Last update I can find on DFI's website is for WinXP.

My question is... is there somewhere else I can update those Chipset drivers from for Win 7, or am I stuck with XP until I upgrade my MOBO to something more recent that will be compatible with Win 7?
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  1. Thank you very much for that, I will definitely use that link to update what I can. What about the USB and AGP drivers though? That link specifically states it doesnt update AGP or USB. I cannot get windows to find the video card (unless I am doing something wrong, which I admit is entirely possible). Its running solely on the Standard VGA driver.
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