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Nforce production starts next week.

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August 23, 2001 10:50:48 AM

and the first boards will be available late september, with a wider release to all the oems by october.

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August 23, 2001 1:40:53 PM

What is your source for this info?? I have been waiting to build a new system, but don't want to wait until Christmas.
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August 23, 2001 10:48:29 PM

This is a good news. I was going to build my system with SiS 735 Motherboard. Now I can get the Nforce Motherboard.
August 23, 2001 11:03:35 PM

#1 Only if you want to wait
#2 That say they are starting to just ship the chipsets; I have yet to see a reputable brand mainboard manufacturer come up with a mb based a on a new chipset right after it comes out. Add at least 2 weeks from initial shipping to when you might see few (1-2) boards from no-name manufacturers. Add at least a month+ to get from Abit, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, so on.
#3 Add another month to get actual benchmarks on it; who knows, it might be [-peep-].
August 23, 2001 11:12:52 PM

Actually, Boon...if it were just any old chipset I might agree with you, but there are at least five manufacturers out there with boards well along in devvelopment. I think we'll see some good boards within 5 weeks and then a board or two model a week for a few....

As for benchmarks...previews of the boards seem to indicate that nForce will offer significantly faster performance than anything on the market for PC's, clock for clock.


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August 23, 2001 11:21:09 PM

Yes these previews do, and I am quite excited about this. Practicality took over for a while. But anyways, look at other computer parts that were supposed to deliver "great preformance" and be "revolutionary" and turned out to be "less than anticipated"; PIV for example. I am just being cautious. Law when it comes to computer products: do NOT buy on hype or previews. Now I could be completely wrong, but that will have to be seen.

This does look like a damn fine chipset though, still, mainboard manufacturers seem to take the longest f**king time getting stuff out the door. How hard is it?! Take the reference design, add a few minor tweaks, and shove it out. Some retooling maybe, but most likely not.
August 23, 2001 11:40:12 PM

Hey will it support palomino, and also, does n e one know how much a palomino will cost. I'm trying to decide wether i should build a palomino system of stick with athlon.

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August 23, 2001 11:52:06 PM

Palomino should run in virtually any Socket A motherboard with just a BIOS upgrade. In the case of nForce, it has already been proofed for Palomino in my unserstanding, so no need for a BIOS upgrade.


When all else fails, throw your computer out the window!!!
August 24, 2001 10:06:37 AM

They say it is THE palomino chipset.

I've heard Asus and Abit are amongst the first few to be getting the chipset.

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August 27, 2001 3:51:03 AM

I'd be surprised if the nForce based boards found their way to store shelves by Christmas.



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August 27, 2001 4:03:37 AM

Well, if Asus and Abit have taken it up, you know it will be good, but at the cost of coming out fairly late. Look at how long it's taken them to put out a SiS 735 based board. At least it will be the best when it comes...

I hope they come to their senses, see the huge demand, and put all costs into getting it developed as well but also as quickly as possible.
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August 27, 2001 4:05:23 AM

You might be waiting for a disapointment as usual from SiS!

Medication helps :smile:
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