Wat is the best Motherboard?


lets say some hypothetical user wanted to buy the best
motherboard in terms of quality/stability/performace.

the necessary items included would be:
Socket A (MP or not MP)
ATA 100
at least 5PCI slots (but 4 would do)
AGP 4x

and the kicker for this, is that money is NOT a consideration.....

what would be the best MOBO?!?! :)
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  1. Well, considering the AMD 761 is the best chipset at the moment, and price doesn't matter, I'd get the Abit KG7 RAID. It is fairly new, so I am not entirely sure on its reliability, but the KT7a RAID that I have is awesome, and it is based on that, so I assume it has the traditional Abit quality. Plus the built in RAID is sweet. Otherwise, the DDR board that I have heard only good things about for some time now is the MSI K7 Master. It supports the Palamino core too. Tom actually uses this board for his AMD DDR testing.

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