My email has changed recently and i did not verify it with steam, so know i cant

I cant access my steam account. My email has recently changed, but I didnt verify it with steam. Now, when I try to log on to my account, it excepts my user name and password, but tells me to type in the access code that it has sent to my old email. Steam support is useless. I cant even submit problem with them. How do I change my email info if I cant even access my account?
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  1. Why can't you access your old account? Was it a paid account? It should be possible to link your other email account to your new one so you get the email in your new mailbox. Steam support will switch your email if you ask them. You'll just need to provide proof.
  2. How do i link my new email to my old one? Steam support gives me no way to contact them. why, I dont know.
  3. I don't know what email client you are using but in the mail settings there should be options to import your mailing list from another email provider. Some will require the other account to be POP3 and some just need you email address and password.

    You can contact Steam with your issue here.
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