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I am having a problem with the steam company pc video game handler. It seems like consecutive problems do they do this to be the joke of all video game companies. In the end these are my problems.
1. Wanted to see duke nukem forever asked for birthdate forgot to hit the last scrolling box which represents year and that thing said I was two young come on know one get to that point on the web while being born in the year 2011! 1.A)And then when I try to retype it says that I cannot log on the demo. Like I was a horny bastard wanting to see that game.
I got a code for duke nukem when I bought borderlands. trying to redeem. I don't want to go into that.(did not work to say the least.)
Steam makes there name smaller and smaller on every game box they sell.
Steam thinks that its got a right to act like that because of slim shady. Is it because I saw him homeless on the streets of K.C.
In the end for that steam I hope it is just me gettin ripped off on all those games your company puts in stores that have employee's rush customers to make purchases without seeing the word steam on the videogame box. That's how your company comes across to me. I tell the employee's steam suck's. There are so many reasons I cannot list.
I will say this much ya better not ever think that slim is why steam acts dumb steam acts dumb because steam is dumb. And this world mine will fight this rent a game for 70 dollers attitude your company has. That's what that is the package you buy in the store that say's steam is worthless the after the first install. and the game gets lost on there steam handle site so many times it's like I just rent those steam games for one use or if the power goes out 1 hour of use.
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  1. I agree... STEAM as a distribution method for PC games is awful, even games you buy boxed from a store these days regquire steam..... I cant think of another product or decision that makes me play console games instead of PC games.
  2. Yea Steam lately is not even listing there logo on some of the video game boxes. I guess they are trying a more low down appoach to the situation. Heck in the next two years they might even have to call their company a different name. I know I look for there name on the video games I buy.
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