Don't know what to do.

My laptop keeps crashing after I've played games such as battlefield bad company 2, , halo combat evovled and halo 2. It shuts down completely and doesn't restart .The drivers are all updated but it keeps on crashing after a period of time playing the games. I've also used a cooling pad and even put a fan near the laptop but still it doesn't work. Need help please!~.
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  1. What kind of laptop is it? Sounds like its overheating...
  2. I'd agree that it sounds like it's overheating, yet it could be a MoBo issue.

    Can you give us any info about the system specs?

  3. Specs:

    Sony Vaio Laptop F Series
    Intel Core i-7 Processor
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    4GB RAM
    500GB HDD

    That's all I got. About overheating, if it was it, I've done every possible thing. Even blowing off the dust from the fan.(There was no dust, I kept blowing like an idiot. LoL)
  4. do you play games with the laptop on your lap? I know its ironic, but it makes allot of laptops overheat. you may want to look into buying a cooling pad:
    Download core temp:
    Now play your games in window mode so you can see how hot it gets.
  5. No. Playing games on my lap makes me uncomfortable, even the caution message not to put closely to body. So I've never played it on my lap and while playing games, I use a fan and a cooling pad. Used the core temp. Still, the same problem arises. I've even used registry booster.
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