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Hello Ive been having a problem with game stutter for quite some time. Heres a video showing the problem.

Ive changed all hardware and tried different operating systems so Im at a total loss. Hopefully someone has had the same problem and knows of a fix.

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  1. That's pretty bad microstuttering. As for the cause however, I'm at somewhat of a loss.

    Sorry I couldn't have been of more help :s

  2. Thankyou for the reply Nihilis
  3. Could it Be your Keyboard/Mouse Conflicting with something?

    I'm completely Lost at this Sorry

  4. Ive tried several mice and keyboards. Both usb and ps 2
  5. had this same problem... turn on "vs sink" (or "sink every frame")!!!!!
    Makes a HUGH difference. Also, to help overall gaming performance, use this awesome program:
  6. Hi Ben V-sync only helps with screen tearing, not stutter. Thankyou for the suggestion. Also gameboost only shut down running applications which Ive done manually
  7. That's very unnatural.

    Could you post another video?
  8. Sorry ananan thats the only video there is. All games act the same though
  9. Make another video of a game that's a few years old (like FEAR), and another one one of a game like game like HL2 and let us compare.

    That'll help a bunch.
  10. I didnt make the first video. Its a video by someone having the same problem. Its the same stutter I get playing the first Far Cry up to playing Crysis 2. Its not a performance issue
  11. What are all of your specs?

    What runs in the backgorund when you play?

    What exactly have you tried to do so far?

    Is your CPU (or maybe GPU) getting very hot? How's the thermal paste situation on your CPU?

    Have you unseated, cleaned, and reseated everything?
  12. Do you recognise this problem anana?
  13. have u tried switching monitors?
  14. Yes ben. And changed vga cables
  15. ATI 5770
    AMD 9850
    4 gig ddr 2
    7200rpm sata hd

    Temps are all good. Backgound applications are shut down before gaming eg.antivirus
  16. have u monitored your fps? i was if they are going up and down constantly (even if they are really high) this can cause the game to shutter. find out how low your fps get to, and then cap the game at that.
    To cap the fps:
    Just add -fps x (where x equals the number of fps you want) to your shortcut for the game.

    my last try
  17. Ok maybe someone knows whats going on
  18. did it work? :)
  19. q9pnu said:
    Do you recognise this problem anana?

    The only issue remotely similar to this I've had was when X2 4200+ started running too hot.

    I reapplied thermal paste and it went away.
  20. No Ben it didnt work. I think i'll give it another go and try my old x2 5200+
  21. I just checked my AMD 9850 temps again. They are 36c idle and 48c whilst gaming. Theres no problem there
  22. I had a similar issue playing Dead Island, I found turning setting the refresh rate to 100 hz fixed the problem. I have a 3d monitor though, not sure if yours will support 100hz.

    hope it helps.
  23. No my monitor only goes up to 75hz. But I know its not the problem as I used to play my games on it with no problems...cheers
  24. What FPS are you getting?
  25. My FPS seem unaffected even though Im getting stutter
  26. Have you heard of cloud gaming Ben? e.g Onlive. Im still getting stutter using that which rules out a performance issue
  27. wait a sec. u say its not a performance issue or a hardware issue? Have u changed monitors? I'm thinking this could be a hard drive lag issue... What kind of hard drive do you have? how long have u had it? Do you have access to a different hard drive to test?
  28. i'm not familiar with cloud gaming. what is it? I'm really starting to think this is hard drive related.
  29. Ive tried a few different hard drives. Im currently using a sata 7200rpm. Ive tried multiple cpu's, gpu's, hard drives etc. Ive had this hard drive for 3 months
  30. Cloud gaming just streams from the internet. The hard drive is not involved but I still get the same stutter. It cant be hard drive related
  31. what about the monitor?
  32. Ive tried a couple of different monitors as well. Ive had the problem for well over a year so tried almost everything I can think of. Dont think anything has confused me as much as this has
  33. wow... so u've pretty much switch out everything but the mobo ugh?
  34. No Ive tried different mobo's. Tried xp 32 bit, windows 7 32 bit, windows 7 64 bit. It makes no sense at all. If you look at the comments on the youtube video, others have done the same. Im totally lost with it lol
  35. this is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! We've got to figure this out. So u have basically built a whole new computer and it still does it. Is there anything that has stayed the same? Something that you always install, a mouse, keyboard, gamepad. There has to be a reason...
  36. hey. taking a closer look at that video, it runs smooth until the guy starts to move. could be the mouse?
  37. Thats right I have had the same problem on 2 different sets of hardware and using different operating systems. Yeah I know it sounds impossible and yeah its driven me crazy as well. There nothing thats stayed the same. The only thing I can think of is that there a setting in windows I havent tried or its a driver issue. Ive gone inside out with ideas on whats making it happen
  38. The stutter goes using a Xbox 360 pad but there are random pauses that remain when gaming. Ive tried 4 different mice now
  39. ok... so the stutter goes with the 360 controller. thats a start. how could it be a driver issue if have switched all hardware? if you just sit still and don't move in your games, do you get the stutter/freezing?
  40. No but when the camera pans from left to right on a game start up or intro there are skips/slight pauses. Watching movies can also stutter when the camera pans around
  41. when u switched had drives, did u buy the same one or same brand?
  42. No totally different brands and speeds
  43. different cards too?
  44. Yeah Ive tried an ATI 5770, Nvidia 8800 gt and an old ATI 2600xt.
  45. what about speakers? I know that sounds weird. But some times things have wierd fixes. My Battlefront 2 game kept crashing on win7 until I plugged a mic into the mic jack. problem solved. Now every time I play the game I plug in the mic and it works.
  46. i'll give it a go. Im going to call it a day for now. If you have any other ideas give me a shout. Thankyou for your time. I appriciate it
  47. ok i'm gunna go watch the Braves
  48. dang. Infante hit a walk of homer. :( hey whats your psu wattage?
  49. Could you reapply Good Thermal Paste/Grease to you CPU and GPU? I had Ingame Stutter and Did that to my CPU and it fixed it. But it was only with 1 Game or so....

    Got Nothing else

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