FPS drop while gaming, could some one help?

Ok so i'm a big Fan of Legue of legend, and recently , my game started to drop to 1 to 23 FPS. from 90 to 110 FPS. I started to occure when i got the recent patch for the game.

I've been playing the game for 7 month now, and it the first time this happen. I tried clearing most of unwanted files with BitDefender 2010, CCleaner , afterward defraged my hardrive( i know it not good, but heck , had to try ), passed a virus scan just in case a little bugger was ******* up the PC, used MalwareBytes, BitDefender and Spybot search and destroy. restarted the Pc , tried a other game.... but the problem is still there.

Could it be a Latency problem between my computer and the LoL server ???

OS: Windows XP sp3
RAM: 2 GB ( 2x1 GB)
Video : Radeon X1950 Pro
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    why not just uninstall the patch?
    Also, try this program to help with overall fps:
  2. OMG !!!! that program !!! how in the world did i manage to game without this little baby !!!.

    Thanks a bundle buddy. it solved most of my problem, optimised my game play graphics and I even think it cured cancer !!! :sol:
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