RIFT 6950 HD 2Mb crossfire - AA & AF Settings

I play Rift (specs in sig & apologies if in wrong forum).

My objective here is to finally determine the best video settings and where better to try to find this out than here. S please chme in with your specs/fps and any updates on video increases based on any tweak.

There are some tweaks I have done listed below that have helped both on my older rig, and my newer one.

Lately, fps has been lower and I am one of those who have had the issue with NPCs not showing up, thus having to wait up to 20secs or so for them to render.

After all I have read, the consensus is the game engine, however, Rift tech support suggests their view on Anti Aliasing and Anistropic Filtering which is:

3. If you are on an ATI video card make sure ‘Anti-Aliasing’ and ‘Anisotropic Filtering’ are set to ‘Application Controlled’ in the Catalyst Control Center. Disabling “Morpological Filtering” in the Catalyst Control Center will usually result in improved framerates. Disabling “ATI Overdrive” may result in increased framerates in some configurations.

Hmm... :heink:

Seems to me that overriding the application setting and letting the cards do the thinking would be the way to go - Particularly with newer cards. But for now, leaving it app-controlled.

Basic RIFT.cfg file Tweaks:
1) Set "MainThreadCPU = 3" to "MainThreadCPU = 0" (Tells rift not to use only core#3)

Find “VFXLimit = 750” Change the value to 7500 then add “VfxCullDistance = 256” above it

You should end up with:
“VfxCullDistance = 256”
“VFXLimit = 7500”

Find the “LightingComplexity” value and change it to:
“LightingComplexity = 10.000000”

Also by default Rift is set to utilize Ambient Occlusion which increases visual quality but kills performance. Unfortunately there is no in-game option to disable this setting, but it can easily be done by adding the following code to your “Rift.cfg” file under the “Video” settings section:
“AmbientOcclusion = False”
**All credit for the Ambient Occlusion tweak goes to Kuldebar from the official Rift forums.**

The rest of the tweaks were found elsewhere.

More to some as I try to find out why my Over-Powered-For-This-Game system is not quite cutting it (or, I'll find out that it's RIFT's problem, not mine :) )
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  1. Wow, no one ever responded! Well, it may come late, but I'll chime in...I recently built a new PC, hoping to see some major gains in Rift especially. Unfortunately, while the new rig is doing great in every other game I play, Rift didn't seem to benefit much from the new setup. As you can see, I went the budget route, bought the Phenom II X4 965 BE and clocked it up to 4GHz, and I only bought 1 6950. My frames increased only marginally in Rift. In the other games I play, my FPS went up by a much larger percentage than in Rift, and that's at Max settings on all of them. I'm even playing BF3 on Ultra, 1920x1080 - the only thing turned down is MSAA - which has shown to cripple FPS on nearly any single GPU setup.

    All that said - I have to believe that Rift is being limited by the game engine. There are games out with equally as nice graphics as Rift, many with better than Rift that run perfectly on my machine and lesser machines. I've seen post after post of people using Intel, AMD, Nvidia, AMD Graphics - it seems that the game suffers from very poor optimization. I've also tried, just for kicks, switching to the low quality renderer, and dropping all graphics to the minimum settings. While it certainly shot my FPS through the roof out in the open world - crowded areas and raids still suffer greatly.

    I've played MMO's for a long time, so I expect FPS drops in busy cities, or when you have 25 people nuking a raid boss, but the other MMO's don't suffer nearly as badly from these events.

    You have a nice setup (better than mine!) and you're right, it greatly exceeds the requirements for the game - it should run better. So chalk it up to poor game engine and/or a game that is so far ahead of it's time that no current hardware can handle it (not likely).

    Hope this helps, or at least helps you feel better, lol.
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