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Running Windows 7 and in certain directories file seem to disappear. Most of the disappeared are pdfs or web pages. Though the files do not show up in Windows Explorer, if I try to restore the files by copying from my back-up drive, it tells me they already exist. Also, if I start Adobe Reader and try to open files in the supposedly empty directory, all of the missing pdfs show up.

Any ideas of what is happening - or better yet, how to stop it from happening?
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  1. I have found an answer - or at least part of an answer - to my question. It relates to the "arrange by" option in Windows Explorer. If the library is arranged by folder, all files appear. When I change the arrange by option to date modified, or author, or anything else, files disappear. I can find no documentation of why this should happen. Every one of the files has a date modified property in its list of properties, yet when I organize by date modified, many of the files seem to disappear.

    Still puzzled!
  2. Hi,

    I'm experiencing the same issue.
    Arrange by does not make the files appear however.

    Have you found out more why this is happeninng?

  3. I'm not certain why this is happening. It's happened to me before, but in the past, files that did not show up appeared after I had refreshed Explorer. If the files are able show up during a search, I would just put them on your desktop, thus making it visible. While it's not a permanent fix, it would save you time by having to look for it all the time.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. Hello,
    I allowed something called an aol update to run on the computer - seemed normal. I think it was a virus because the computer opened like five hundred windows to install this. After I cancelled them all, the regular files started disappearing one by one and the computer said it had hard drive damage. I restarted the computer and ran the repair which ran the restore to an earlier point. The computer began to run normally again with the exception of the files that disappeared now being marked hidden in the properties which I unchecked and they were restored. Still some glitches but hope this might help someone.
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