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Hello people, I have windows 7 running on an amd phenom II @3.6ghz, MSI k9a2 platinum 790fx, 2 4870x2s crosfire, 6gbs ddr2. Windows used to work fine until the recent update which I installed last friday night. Woke up on sat for a nice fallout 3 session (it worked fine the night before the update). Clicked on it and a black screen with the music for 5 seconds, then back to desktop for a the program stopped working message. Clicked again and boom!! BSOD "attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed, Atikmpag.sys" . Computer then wouldnt start couldnt get past starting screen. I reinstalled windows 7 3 times on different drives nothing same behavior couldnt finish install anytime. Then I broke down and called the microsoft tech people in India. It is now tuesday we've got the thing in windows and online and looking like a functioning computer except Ati drivers refuse to install, i get the BSOD every time i try to play a movie or game or even try to go to dxdiag. so frustrating waiting for India tech to call me today.
has anyone fixed this? ive already rolled back drivers tryed 10.7 10.8 HELP!
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  1. ok I found the problem thank god it was just a faulty PCI express x16 2.0 slot on my MSI K9A2 platinum. It has 4 so Im ok but if it only had 2 id be buying a new board.

    P.S Microsoft tech support India FAIL!
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