GA-7DXR Device Manager Problem

I just built a new system with the GA-7DXR motherboard and an AMD-Thunderbird 1.4GHz. I've installed Windows98 and so far everything is ok except for the "?" and "!" next to PCI System Management Bus in the Device Manager. I have let windows try to find a driver on the CD that came with the mobo as well as within windows itself. I have no idea which driver if any to install from the mobo installation CD. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. have you checked their website?

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  2. Yes, I can't find anything.
  3. did you install the via 4in1 drivers right after your new install of windows?
  4. ive got the same board, only with windows me. if i remember correctly and when i go home i'll take a look at my mobo cd. did you install all the files from the cd? check the book that came with the mobo as it should take you through step by step how to run and install each feature from the utilities cd. more to follow when i get home

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  5. do not install via 4 in 1 drivers! If you notice they are not on the cd! there is a reason for that! you need to install those AMD drivers! The only VIA drivers you could install is the atapi drivers (but it is recommended to use the microsoft drivers) also the usb filter and thats about it. I did not install any via 4 in 1 drivers and my board was working great. i'm not on it now cos i have no processor. sold it to my friend. What you have is a driver problem. that is not the board!

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