Busted Motherboard?

Hello All,

When my Power Supply (atx 250) busted i went out and bought a new one. After putting it back in and boot the computer up i got power...horray.......then the bad bad came.... I got no display or even the comp loaded...I didn't hear any beep that normally on a computer that is loading fine. I tried swapping HD. Even took out the HD out from my working comp and put it in the non-working comp and it didn't even pick up the HD. Is this case sound like the motherboard is busted? Or other problems may occur to cause this? Plz post ur comments....

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  1. I'm assuming that you moved the case around alot when you swapped the power supply, you might of created a ground somewhere in you case. Check that first, you also might want to try running the board outside of the case to see if it is a ground. After that try re-seating all of your componets, CPU, video card etc. If it is still giving you problems try booting with only the video card RAM and CPU.]Good luck

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  2. I also would try it you can another cpu in the MB.

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  3. oooh dear

    Ive seen it SOOO often where a psu goes and takes the board with it, I hope this isnt the case here, go back to basics and check every connection, remove all cards except display, reseat ram, reseat cpu etc, and check all connections again

    Good Luck

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  4. Could be the new power supply was defective or over rated. I see an awfull lot of poorly made power supplies these days.

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  5. Today i took everything out of the case including the motherboard. Even took out the cpu. After I plugged everything back in but it's still not loading. When the power is on only the red light that indicate the hard drive is busy is on. When i try to reset the comp that red light never go away....it's like the reset button doesnt work. I exchange the power supply with the one that was in my comp i'm using right now. Still doesn't work.
  6. try this out maybe this might help....

    ,,try resetting your cmos (jumper)...

    and check again all connection.
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