Xbox Wireless Adapter Wont connect to router

I have been searching for several days on many internet forums and have been unable to find a solution to my problem so I am asking this community for any advice... (Please bear with me, I'm not what you would call "tech savvy")

My Xbox 360 is equipped with a wireless N adapter and one day, at random, it decided that it was upset and didn't want to connect to the router anymore. When connected directly, via wired connection, it works fine but because of the position o the router this is an unrealistic solution. The adapter's light is a steady red and when I scan for networks on the Xbox it not only picks up my neighbor's signal but it picks up my signal at full strength. I entered the correct pass code, of that I am sure so this has been an infuriating endeavor.

I've tried switching from WAP to WEP which resulted in.... nothing.

I've tried MAC filtering which resulted in.... nothing.

I've tried unplugging all the objects involved for a few minutes which resulted iiiinnnn......... nothing. :(

This question seems to pop up every once in a while it seems so I tried to avoid posting on a forum but I don't know enough about networking to resolve this and I don't want to go out and buy another wireless adapter if I can avoid it.

Thank you and please, lamest terms ;)
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  1. Oh, and the router is a 2wire 3800HGV-B
  2. Have you tried plugging the adapter into another USB port, like one of the ports on the front?
    The red light normally indicates that the console is not recognizing the adapter.
  3. yeah, unfortunately it remains red. I forgot that I could get wireless through my laptop wifi so I think I'll do that until I can test my adapter in a friend's xbox to see if it continues to fail. *fingers crossed* thank you for the suggestion though.
  4. dont know about newer versions but this was a common fault on the original wireless adapter--inside the adaptor theres a plug and the connector can come out of it--i used to carefully cut it open round the middle with a stanley knife plug the connector back in and glue gun it--worked every time
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