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how can i play fifa 12? it is giving error with 3d analyzer and swiftshader
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  1. can u give me a link to download free pixel shader plzzz?
  2. your wasting your time they only emulate SM2 so your framerates will never be playbale... the apps you want only work if your just under the requirments for the game but if your pc cant handle SM2 then your way below the requirments for fifa 12... and you will never get it to run at a playable rate. so just forget about it or upgrade.

    oH! and dont bump your own posts. if you dont get an answer straight away...

    anyways feel free to post your specs ... im sure the guys here will give you some recommendations on games which your kit can actually handle...
  3. Pixel Shader is not software.

    It requires specific circuitry that must be present in the graphics core. It seems like your system is pretty old since the 1st video card released with PS 2.0 support were the Geforce FX 5000 series and the Radeon 9500 series and above. Those cards were released around 2003 I believe.
  4. what he's trying to do is emulate it, all shader models can be emulated or often bypassed alltogether by fooling the system into thinking its running a better card than it is often through opengl. but the further you get away from your systems physical config the worse the emulation. so if you have a system that runs sm1 you may be able to get away with a game thats running sm2 in emulation and still get a playable fps. but if the game also supports sm3 or 4 then the chances are your looking at maybe 1 or 2 fps per second as your system throws in the towel. fifa does support the higher shader models so emulating them on his system is just pointless. check this out to get more insite...
  5. I used to search for "downloading a graphics card" just hoping it was a software.but i had to buy
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