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I've got this problem a very long time by now, but I really just started to live with it. I just started playing battlefield bad company 2 again and my computer stutters/lags every second it looks like it skips a frame or two, it's like clockwork, and I've even got a new Graphics Card cause the place where I bought my PC said that was the prblem most likely. NO fps / ping spikes at all. It's all steady. Yesterday I tried deleting all my Graphic Card drivers, going into safe mode running driver sweeper and cleaned the remaining files, then got all new drivers. Didn't help. And I got absolutely no Idea how to format my Pc, I've had this pc for about 1 year and 7 months or something. So there's still Warranty. I'd like to use it if it's a Hardware problem.

Can anybody help me with this issue or have anyone experienced this before and fixed it?

Best regards: Kat7074
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  1. Btw. I got Wind. 7 64bit, 4 MB. of Ram DDR3. AMD Phenom 3,4 Quad core Processor. and 5850RadeonHD ATi GFX card.
  2. Any other game that displays this behavior? Also try not to use the latest ATI drivers, and see if it's still happening.
  3. Rift, WoW Crysis 2, ////// not Mw2 CS:S, League of Legends or HoN
  4. Try defragging your HDD; clean it with CCleaner or something like that, then use a program like TuneUp Utilities for maintenance of your system. Run dxdiag and see if there are any problems present there.
  5. So I should run dxdiag now and after that defrag hdd?, and how exactly do i clean it with ccleaner? and what does tuneUp do ?
  6. ran Dxdiag right now, no problems at all.
  7. CCleaner and TuneUp will optimize your system and fix some operating system problems.
  8. Ok, I am defragging at this moment, will download ccleaner and run it as soon as I am done, and TuneUp afterwards ;)
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