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took apart a customer PC w/asus mb today. changed to new atx case because we suspected old power supply didn't work and new atx power supply wouldn't fit in old case. machine booted ok. shut down and installed new PCI NIC; tried to boot, no power!! took case back and exchanged it for same type. inspected bottom of MB - a 4 inch taped-on wire with a small chip was soldered on. opted out of installing PCI NIC. rebuilt new case w/o NIC; still no power - zero, zilch. ever heard of this occurring? please advise. thanks.
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  1. What brand of OEM system was it, HP?

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  2. it was a clone system. i downloaded the pdf manual from asus and found no references to that wire under the mb. i don't think calling them would do much good unless i could talk to the engineers who designed the mb. in any case, i believe we will be replacing the mb.
  3. I don't know about the small chip, but a wire was sometimes used by experts to go from the 3.3v power lead to the 3.3v ATX connector as a fix for the lack of necessary current for high draw AGP cards.

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