I want to play Mechwarrior 2 again :) how would I do that lol

So I go on ebay and see that you can still find intact copies of Mechwarrior 2 :) I know I cant just order that software and go install it on my windows 7 system sooooo. What would be the best way to do that? Would I need a separate partition with an old OS or would compatibility mode work? I tried to download an old trial version (freeware) and it wouldn't even install :(. Any help or suggestions would be great keep in mind I dont want to spend a bunch of money or anything like that. I can get the full version with all expansions for $45 and would be willing to spend that amount again thats about it :)
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  1. For one, depends on which release of the game you buy, as there are specific releases for 3DFX, Rage 3D, Matrox Mystique, etc. Two, really you'd need to build or buy a legacy computer using said hardware to get the game to run solid without issues. If you check ebay under the title "windows 98 dos computer" and ignore all the Pentium 4 and Celeron 2.6ghz garbage listings, you should be able to score a perfect working Pentium 2-3 tower for $120 or less after shipping.
  2. It would depend on the version of the game. The Titanium versions won't work without a legacy box, as they won't work on any OS newer than Windows ME, and those old operating systems won't work on modern hardware. Some older versions of the game could be launched from DOS, though you would get 8 bit graphics, and no 3D acceleration. If the trial you have isn't the Titanium edition you could try installing and running the game with DOSBox.
  3. yep dosbox is the way to go... if your running a 64bit o.s you may have issues with the installer though.
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