Asus A7M266 + AMD 1.4GHz Athlon problems

Asus A7M266 v.1004
256 2100 DDR
1.4 GHz AMD Athlon(not overclocked)
Asus V8200 GeForce3
350W power supply
40 gig hard drive

System runs, but immediately restarts when I try to launch any sort of 3D application. Also, the system is prone to various restarts. I can't even run one of the OpenGL screensavers without the system restarting. Is this a power problem? Should I get a 400W power supply?
Its very irritating to spend lots of money on a system that falls flat on its face without really doing anything. Is the processor too much for the motherboard? I don't think that is because a lot of people with this board overclock 1.2 GHz and 1.33GHz AMD chips to over 1.4 GHz without problems. I have a sorta weenie heat sink on the Athlon(the hsf are both AMD approved), but you would think that overheating would take some time before a system crash. System will lock up or restart after doing some not really complex operations, like viewing text files, or playing the pinball game that came with 2000. Why is this happening?
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  1. do u have the via 4in1 and amd agp miniport driver for win2k? if not u need it. i had the same problem as u and it went away as soon as i installed the drivers, for ur motherboard install the via 4in1 with agp driver unchecked and install the amd agp miniport driver. even tho u have sp2 for win2k u still need the drivers.
  2. I was given a choice of several momtherbaords and AMD Athlon CPU, and was told that if I wanted the Asus A7M266, I needed a 400 watt power supply. I'm not sure why unless it's the fact that the A7M266 is able to use more than four IDE ports.Just passing on what I was told.
  3. I'm using A7M266 too and I'm powering up this baby with a 300W power supply.

    My config is :
    Mobo: A7M266
    CPU: 1GHz
    Memory: Kingston DDR 256M
    Harddisk: Quantum Fireball 30GB 7200rpm
    Video: Asus 7100 Geforce2 MX 400
    Speaker: Creative FPS 2000
    CD Writer: Aopen 12X10X32(with justlink)
    DVD Rom: Pioneer 16X slot
    Sound card: No sound card needed... save $$$. The onboard sound of A7M266 sounds great too.

    I have been enjoying this baby watching DVDs, VCDs, listening to Audio cds, mp3s, burning CDs and no complaints whatsoever, except some hangups due to Bill Gates.... Windows 98 which I believe is the software problem. Other than that, I'm satisfied with my system at a resonable budget. That's all.. Good luck to whoever wants to build with a A7M266.
  4. Windows 2000 users need a patch aparently. Find at this gets you up and running.
  5. Check the voltage on that DDR, should be 2.5v and check the fsb for an overclock.

    ~Burnt my cookie overclocking~
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