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Could anyone out there tell me how to back up my computer on to an unallocated space on my hard drive and on to a cd disk? Do I make the disk first; then install it on to the hard drive etc. Please tell me step by step. It would be most appreciated.

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  1. Is this a windows 7 machine?
  2. The unallocated space on a hard drive, generally refers to a portiton of the hard drive that needs to have a partition created and formatted before you can use it to store data.
    If you mean free space available, that's entirely different.
    To backup to your hard drive, you would need a second partition or hard drive. A second drive internal or external is better, in the event of systems failure your data would be safe.
    Burning your data files to cd/dvd is more secure and the prefered option for important data.
    Windows has builtin backup tools, read your help files for instructions.
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