JUST CAUSE 2 plying in slow motion

Hi all
Now i am playing JAUST CAUSE 2 in my pc but i can see the game is not working in the proper way in the graphic processing.The graphic can not referesh in the synchronized manner. when i can press mouse button to fire the bullets then i can see bullet can fire after one second then i pressed the mouse button.Please help me. :cry:

System cofig.
GPU - ZOTAC Geforce 8400GS [1 GB]
CPU - Intel core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 Ghz
Mobord - DG31PR
Ram - 2 GB DDR2
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  1. Just cause is quite a demanding game, I don't think an 8400GS can handle it. Some more RAM wouldn't hurt either.
  2. Just as already stated, better GPU, better CPU, and more RAM is the only way you can improve that game's playability.
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