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I am having slight problems playing some games on my TV.
I have got my PC linked up to my TV (toshiba 32rv753) via a HDMI cable. When I am playing a game such as Battlefiled 2 of Formula 1 2010, the display is fine and smooth. However, when I play Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, then the display becomes jittery during the game like the TV cannot cope with the speed of the game. The Menu etc display all ok. I have tried another football game and the same problem occurs (PES 2012 demo).

Blu ray movies and general HD movies work fine and play smoothly. The PES 2011 game displays fine on my monitor.
Anyone have any idea why the jitteriness? I think it could be the specs of my TV are not good enough to cope but I hope someone more knowledgeable in this area could help.

It is a full HD TV and the response time is 6.5ms. My monitor has a response time of 2ms, Could this be the issue?

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  1. Activate V-Sync in the games that have the issues. Also, consider DVI cables if you're not transmitting audio via the HDMI cable.
  2. ok, will try that when i get home. Hopefully the v-sync option will be there. Thanks
  3. No problem. And the option should be there. Look under "Graphics" settings, should be close to the resolutions and anti-aliasing settings.
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