How much is skies of arcadia for dreamcast worth if there is only one disc out o

I am trying to sell my games but I don't know how much skies of arcadia would be if I only have one of the 2 discs.
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  1. First off it's a not very much. Plus someone buying it would somehow have to go and find the second disc which could prove difficult. So i would say you may have a hard time finding any buyer who isn't just looking for the disc you have, like to replace one that is damaged maybe.

    To answer the question though i have seen the full game listed on plenty of sites, and prices range from around $30 at the low end, to around $60 on the higher end. But that is both discs. So cut the low end in half and i would say $15-$20 at very most.
  2. I would say it's worth nothing if it's the 2nd disk (won't be able to start a game) and worth 5-10 bucks if its the first disk. Great game though.
  3. There might be a market for the single Disc on eBay, but I would not imagine it being a lot ($5, maybe more if you still have the jewel case and manual). Kinda funny seeing this posted as I have spent about 20 hours over the last few days playing through the Gamecube version, my DC copy got sent to the closet when the GC version came out.
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