Help me with mu ps3 plzzzzz

hello i live in a apartment that has free wifi . i caled to upgraid but they told me that i could not do it... so i try to play my ps3 online and it dont let me. I was told that the broadband width did not suport it. whatrs up with that???? was also told that i could bost the width with my pc is that true and how if so .... plz help having cod withdraws
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  1. Honestly, if it is free wi-fi in an apartment complex it probably isn't all that good as far as speeds. Plus you have everyone in the complex using it which kills the bandwidth and you won't be really great with the online gaming thing. Although you should still connect unless the bandwidth is REALLY low.

    Do you have a computer that is hooked up to this service? Can you go to somewhere like speakeasy or and see what sort of speed it says you are getting?

    You could get a better signal with something like a gaming adapter which would have better reception than the PS3, but honestly until you test your speeds i am not sure it would be worth it.

    Another option is to take the money you would have spent if they would let you upgrade your service and get a 4G mobile hotspot instead, that way you have your own internet that no one is leaching off.
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