Do you think my pc will be able to handle theese games?

Hi! I've just upgraded my pc to play:

TES V : Skyrim
Battlefield 3
Diablo 3

This is my pc:

CPU: Intel core i-7 860
GPU: HD 6870
RAM: 16 Gigabyte 1600mhz
Motherboard: asus p7p55d e-lx

- How well do YOU THINK my pc will handle theese games? - i ask for what you think as there are no official requirements out yet.
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  1. Intel core i-7 860 and hd 6870 = Yes . What settings i cant say , Med/High depending on resolution best guess
  2. Depending on your resolution, I can't see why you cannot play Skyrim or Diablo 3 with high settings.
  3. 650 w of ? state the brand/model plz. Ordinary psu wont do the work.
  4. I cant check the name of my power thingy atm as i am at work, and i play at 1680x1050
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