Problem with XP Pro... NTFS.sys error

Hi, i got a big problem with a blue screen under winxp Pro with sp2. The computer keep crashing or freezing with a blue screen saying: Error 000024... NTFS.sys
I did everything to check that error (chkdsk, scandisk...)
All test was ok.
I did a new partition and did a full format in ntfs mode.
When i re-installed windows xp back, it did the same error 2 times, so i started over again until i finally installed xp. I installed all the drivers, patchs, windows updates with no problems.
When i installed someting like a game, it always crash and sometime, i'm not even doing something on the computer and it freeze by itself, doing the same error with no screensaver on or programms running in background except the microsoft's one.
I changed my IDE Wires and it keep's doing the same.
I checked the HD in another computer and it work fine.
Could it be my IDE Connection on my board? or something else.
The Computer is:
MSI K7N2 Delta-L (ms-6570) NForce2 FSB 400
Bios is up to date and the system drivers too.
AMD Athlon Barton 3200+@400Mhz
2x 256mb Kingston DDR PC3200 (on dual channel)
WD 120Gb 7200rpm 8mb cache IDE HD
MSI GForce FX5700LE 256mb
Sony DVD -RW/+RW 16x DL
Onboard sounds and network
400 Watts Power Supply

i don't think it's a software's problem but i would like to know if some peoples out there had the same problem as me. Or if anyone have an answer for me!
Excuse my english, i'm french ;)

Thank You
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  1. Get out an XP CD, and boot from it. Go to Recovery Console, once loaded, get into recovery console by pressing R.
    Run chkdsk /r

    After that, type CD D:\i386 (assuming D: is cd-rom)
    type "copy ntfs.sy_ C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ntfs.sys"

    You might need to put C:....ntsy.sys in quotes.

    copy ntfs.sy_ "C:\windows\system32\drivesr\ntfs.sys"

    For good measure, copy the .\i386 folder to your C: drive. That'll get you around by not needing the XP cd most of the time.

    Try Defragging first through. This generally is a pagefile error. Some people have gotten this error with bad memory chips.
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